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A donation of $50 or more includes a Big Give shirt! Please notate your preferences on size and color on the following page.


About Beautiful Day

Beautiful Day’s original mission began with a simple statement to elementary school age kids: “The day you were born was a BEAUTIFUL DAY. Your life and existence is worthy of being celebrated.” We are passionate about telling children this important message. We want kids to know that they are seen and loved by the community they call home.

Once a month we throw awesome birthday parties in elementary schools, celebrating every kid with a birthday that month. Balloons! Cards! Singing! All of it! We gather community volunteers to sit with them and tell them face-to-face, “The day they were born was a BEAUTIFUL DAY!”

Our mission – not complicated. It is pure and simple, but it is also critical. It is critical to the condition of a child’s heart to know they matter and to know they are seen. A child can experience extreme loneliness and/or feelings of isolation if they do not feel connected, loved and supported where they live and go to school. BEAUTIFUL DAY is honored to be a piece of this support system in the schools and in children’s lives. BEAUTIFUL DAY began in Duncan, OK and in that first year 107, kids were celebrated in one school. Years later, this vision continues to spread further and further into many different communities. BEAUTIFUL DAY’S pure message of love is contagious!

A year after BEAUTIFUL DAY’S birthday program was born – another initiative began. BEAUTIFUL DAY’S founders felt drawn to expand the vision to include another population: widows. A woman who has lost her husband is suffering with a particularly difficult kind of grief, a type of grief that really only another widow can truly understand. So, we formed Kindred Community for widows. Once a month, Kindred Community invites these women to gather around a table to share a meal and an experience. BEAUTIFUL DAY volunteers take care of all of logistics involved in hosting these events. These women who attend find kindred souls at these events – women who can whisper “me too”. In these kindred circles, perhaps the weight of grief can be shared and therefore lightened. Feelings of isolation are lessened through these monthly dinners. We want these women to know their community sees them and values them! And that BEAUTIFUL DAYS still lie ahead.

The power of knowing you matter…
Now that could really change a person’s life